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Scarpa Boostic Rock Shoes (Unisex)

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Scarpa Boostic Rock Shoes (Unisex)

Product Number: 5029-048
Made in Italy

Weight: 480g (40)

Aggressively downturned shoes that push performance on steep rock. They focus power to the toes on vertical or overhanging moves, and have a soft rubber, high-friction patch that allows you to move off a toe hook without skidding out. Heel fit is precise and snug so you can really work a heel hook without lifting out of your shoes.

  • Uppers are leather and synthetics.
  • Soft midsoles allow sensitivity on subtle features.
  • Soft rubber toe patch increases friction on toe hooks.
  • Soles are 3.5mm Vibram® XS Edge.
Weight 480g (40)

A flat profile suits long routes and cracks. Curved shoes allow precision and good edging. Hooked shoes are down-turned and tensioned, for power to the toe on steep or overhanging routes.


Highly asymmetric shoes allow more precision and focused power. Symmetrical shoes are more comfortable for all-around climbing.


Stiffness is provided by the type of sole and the tensioning system. Softer shoes allow more precision. Supportive shoes prevent fatigue.

Uppers Leather + synthetic

A highly tensioned shoe tends to push your foot forward to create a powerful curve in your toes.

Outsoles 3.5mm Vibram XS Edge
Lined No

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