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Black Diamond Magnetron Gridlock Carabiner

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Black Diamond Magnetron Gridlock Carabiner

Product Number: 5029-300
Made in China

Weight: 78g

A revolution in auto-locking design, this biner uses 2 independent magnetic arms in the gate and a steel insert in the nose to lock it closed. Opening it requires 2 independent actions, but you can do it with your right or left hand. It may sound dodgy, but the mechanism is actually super-secure.

  • Symmetrical design makes it easy to operate with either hand.
  • Smooth gate operation, and it's not prone to freezing.
  • Isolation feature captures the belay loop to prevent shifting and cross-loading.
Weight 78g
Lock type

Auto-locking biners use a spring mechanism to close. Screwgate have a collar that you screw open or closed.

Material Aluminum alloy
Strength Closed 22kN
Strength Cross-Loaded 7kN
Strength Open 8kN
Gate Opening 2.1cm
CE Certified Yes
Snag-Free Nose Yes
Three Sigma Tested Yes

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