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Helinox Chair One
Helinox Chair One $103.00 CAD

Product Number: 5031-086

Made in Korea, Republic of

MEC Seat Cushion
MEC Seat Cushion $16.50 CAD

Product Number: 5023-544

Made in Taiwan

Alite Designs Mantis Chair
Alite Designs Mantis Chair $119.00 CAD

Product Number: 5027-428

Made in Philippines

Alite Designs Monarch Chair
Alite Designs Monarch Chair $70.00 CAD

Product Number: 5027-958

Made in Philippines

Alite Designs Mayfly Chair
Alite Designs Mayfly Chair $99.00 CAD

Product Number: 5036-649

Made in Philippines

Venture Outdoor Gear Hammock
Venture Outdoor Gear Hammock $60.00 CAD

Product Number: 5036-251

Made in China

Therm‑a‑Rest Z Seat
Therm‑a‑Rest Z Seat $14.00 CAD

Product Number: 5027-424

Made in USA

Therm‑a‑Rest Trekker Chair Kit
Therm‑a‑Rest Trekker Chair Kit $33.00 CAD

Product Number: 5027-460

Made in China

MEC Senate Seat
MEC Senate Seat $38.00 CAD

Product Number: 5014-053

Made in Vietnam

Therm‑a‑Rest Trekker Lounge 20
Therm‑a‑Rest Trekker Lounge 20 $47.00 CAD

Product Number: 5008-144

Made in China

Walkstool Comfort 55XL
Walkstool Comfort 55XL $98.00 CAD

Product Number: 5038-704

Made in Sweden

Travel Chair Big Kahuna Chair
Travel Chair Big Kahuna Chair $82.00 CAD

Product Number: 5036-164

Made in China

Travel Chair Larry Chair
Travel Chair Larry Chair $62.00 CAD

Product Number: 5036-160

Made in China

Travel Chair Teddy Chair
Travel Chair Teddy Chair $45.00 CAD (Some colours/sizes reduced)Regular : $58.00 Save up to : $13.00 (22%)

Product Number: 5036-161

Made in China

Snow Peak Folding Beach Chair
Snow Peak Folding Beach Chair $155.00 CAD

Product Number: 5038-314

Made in China

Walkstool Basic 50
Walkstool Basic 50 $59.00 CAD

Product Number: 5011-073

Made in China

products  1  -  16 of  16 Sort by: