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Prana Monarch Convertible Pants ‑ Regular Inseam (Women's)
Prana Monarch Convertible Pants ‑ Regular Inseam (Women's) $49.00 CADRegular : $89.00 Save up to : $40.00 (44%)

Product Number: 5022-427

Made in China

MEC Bon Vivant Jacket (Women's)
MEC Bon Vivant Jacket (Women's) $170.00 CAD

Product Number: 5034-013

Made in China

Prana Kinley Shirt (Women's)


Prana Kinley Shirt (Women's) $69.00 CAD

Product Number: 5039-360

Made in China

Race Face Military Cap (Unisex)
Race Face Military Cap (Unisex) $26.00 CAD

Product Number: 5035-906

Made in China

MEC Obsession Hoodie (Women's)
MEC Obsession Hoodie (Women's) $146.00 CAD

Product Number: 5035-323

Made in China

MEC Outathere Jacket (Women's)
MEC Outathere Jacket (Women's) $165.00 CAD

Product Number: 5035-325

Made in China

MEC Monsoon Jacket (Women's)
MEC Monsoon Jacket (Women's) $229.00 CAD

Product Number: 5026-831

Made in China

Carve Designs Newport Tank (Women's)


Carve Designs Newport Tank (Women's) $44.00 CAD

Product Number: 5023-950

Made in China

Prana Kaylin Top (Women's)


Prana Kaylin Top (Women's) $64.00 CAD

Product Number: 5039-359

Made in China

Prana Quinn Dress (Women's)


Prana Quinn Dress (Women's) $77.00 CAD

Product Number: 5023-702

Made in Taiwan

Prana Ribbon SS T (Women's)


Prana Ribbon SS T (Women's) $59.00 CAD

Product Number: 5034-789

Made in USA

Patagonia Iliana Halter Dress (Women's)


Patagonia Iliana Halter Dress (Women's) $68.00 CAD

Product Number: 5023-488

Made in Turkey

MEC South Island SS Top (Women's)
MEC South Island SS Top (Women's) $41.00 CADRegular : $59.00 Save up to : $18.00 (30%)

Product Number: 5031-855

Made in El Salvador

MEC RNB 4 Capris W (Women's)


MEC RNB 4 Capris W (Women's) $50.00 CAD

Product Number: 5031-858

Made in India

MEC South Island Tank (Women's)
MEC South Island Tank (Women's) $33.00 CADRegular : $48.00 Save up to : $15.00 (31%)

Product Number: 5031-856

Made in El Salvador

Ambler Chirp Trucker Hat (Women's)
Ambler Chirp Trucker Hat (Women's) $32.00 CAD

Product Number: 5034-822

 Made in Canada

Toad&Co Chaka Skirt (Women's)


Toad&Co Chaka Skirt (Women's) $59.00 CAD

Product Number: 5035-059

Made in Turkey

Carve Designs Seaside Skirt (Women's)
Carve Designs Seaside Skirt (Women's) $54.00 CAD

Product Number: 5015-965

Made in USA

Prana Sea Shells Bucket (Women's)


Prana Sea Shells Bucket (Women's) $42.00 CAD

Product Number: 5039-365

Made in China

Outdoor Research Umbra Hoody (Women's)


Outdoor Research Umbra Hoody (Women's) $79.00 CAD

Product Number: 5039-386

Made in Philippines

Prana Britt LS Top (Women's)


Prana Britt LS Top (Women's) $44.00 CADRegular : $64.00 Save up to : $20.00 (31%)

Product Number: 5034-786

Made in India

MEC Allinit Pant (Women's)
MEC Allinit Pant (Women's) $54.00 CAD

Product Number: 5034-035

Made in India

MEC Aquanator Jacket (Women's)
MEC Aquanator Jacket (Women's) $99.00 CAD

Product Number: 5034-012

Made in China

Prana Illianna Top (Women's)


Prana Illianna Top (Women's) $68.00 CAD

Product Number: 5039-372

Made in India

Patagonia All Weather Dress (Women's)
Patagonia All Weather Dress (Women's) $59.00 CAD (Some colours/sizes reduced)Regular : $74.00 Save up to : $15.00 (20%)

Product Number: 5023-497

Made in Vietnam

MEC Livinit Pants (Women's)


MEC Livinit Pants (Women's) $54.00 CAD

Product Number: 5031-859

Made in India

Prana Monarch Convertible Pants ‑ Short Inseam (Women's)
Prana Monarch Convertible Pants ‑ Short Inseam (Women's) $49.00 CADRegular : $89.00 Save up to : $40.00 (44%)

Product Number: 5030-871

Made in China

Carve Designs Sanibel Top (Women's)


Carve Designs Sanibel Top (Women's) $49.00 CAD

Product Number: 5027-306

Made in China

Prana Jasmine Knicker (Women's)


Prana Jasmine Knicker (Women's) $73.00 CAD

Product Number: 5039-362

Made in Vietnam

MEC Livinit Knicker (Women's)


MEC Livinit Knicker (Women's) $45.00 CAD

Product Number: 5034-052

Made in India

MEC Strappy Tank (Women's)


MEC Strappy Tank (Women's) $16.00 CAD

Product Number: 5031-851

Made in India

MEC Short‑Sleeved Tee Shirt (Women's)


MEC Short‑Sleeved Tee Shirt (Women's) $18.00 CAD

Product Number: 5027-821

Made in India

Prana Emma Knicker (Women's)


Prana Emma Knicker (Women's) $72.00 CAD

Product Number: 5034-797

Made in China

MEC Sparrowgrass Hooded Long‑Sleeved (Women's)


MEC Sparrowgrass Hooded Long‑Sleeved (Women's) $48.00 CAD

Product Number: 5035-318

Made in Thailand

MEC Amanita Pants REG (Women's)


MEC Amanita Pants REG (Women's) $62.00 CAD

Product Number: 5031-929

Made in China

Patagonia Kamala Skirt (Women's)
Patagonia Kamala Skirt (Women's) $72.00 CAD

Product Number: 5022-035

Made in Thailand

MEC Marikea SS Top (Women's)
MEC Marikea SS Top (Women's) $34.00 CAD

Product Number: 5036-242

Made in India

Patagonia Happy Hike Shorts (Women's)
Patagonia Happy Hike Shorts (Women's) $54.00 CAD

Product Number: 5039-084

Made in Vietnam

MEC San'O Pant (Women's)
MEC San'O Pant (Women's) $59.00 CAD

Product Number: 5031-861

Made in Thailand

MEC Skyler Dress (Women's)


MEC Skyler Dress (Women's) $59.00 CAD

Product Number: 5027-833

Made in Thailand

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