Return to the mountain

Return to the mountain

The mountain is back – for good. See what the peaks in our logo mean for what's next.

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Skier hiking up a mountain carrying a pack with skis

New skis and new tech for wide open slopes and bottomless pow.

Person wearing winter boots and snowshoes standing in the snow

Boots, snowshoes and warm layers are all you need to start exploring.

Two people standing together and wearing winter boots

Warm, waterproof and grippy for snowy trails or icy sidewalks.

Person holding an avalanche beacon in hand

Essential for winter riders in the backcountry: beacons, shovels, probes and avi packs.

MEC icons:
the Toaster Suit

Warm. Waterproof. Keeping kids toasty for over 25 years. Snag popular colours and sizes before the snow flies.

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