Charlie Easton 5x2

Charlie Easton

Discipline: Backcountry artist

Windsor, UK
Vancouver and Bamfield, BC

In a world before cameras, what did some people do if they wanted a picture of our wild and awesome land? They busted a gut dragging paints, easels and canvasses into the middle of nowhere to stand on a rock and do a painting. That’s what Charlie Easton does today.

He gets to his painting locations via backcountry skis or hiking boots, and captures everything from serious alpenglow to shadowy peaks (a solid layering system is key for icy plein air painting sessions). Charlie is recognized as a Senior Signature member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and is represented by galleries across North America and Europe. You can find his work in private and public collections worldwide, and you can see the outdoor creative process in action on Instagram @charlieeaston.

“The closer I can get to my subject – both physically and mentally – the more honest and impactful my paintings are.”