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Ivan Luo

Discipline: Climbing Ambassador

GuangZhou, China
Vancouver, BC

Ivan started climbing at the age of six, and has been involved in this sport for more than 14 years. He took two short years off from climbing after he immigrated to Canada to focus on school and learning English. In that time, he couldn’t stay away from climbing whatever was around: trees, fences, you name it. His focus was set on getting back to climbing as soon as possible.

Competitive climbing has been a huge part of Ivan’s personal growth as a climber. He loves every little detail about competing: the atmosphere, the competitiveness, the sportsmanship, the volunteers, the joy, the tears, and the sponsors that makes comps happen.

Ivan currently works at the Hive North Shore and is training hard to represent Canada on the World Cup circuit. After recently watching Canadian climber Alannah Yip crush and qualify for the 2020 Olympic Games, he has his eyes set on 2024.

I love climbing because it’s so competitive, but in a good way. Climbers push each other to their limits and help friends achieve goals that they didn’t think were possible. You always want others to try their hardest, no matter the grade. That’s the beauty about climbing.