Judith 5x2

Judith Kasiama

Discipline: Adventure Ambassador

Kinshasa, DR Congo
Vancouver, BC

Like most Vancouverites, Judith enjoys nature. Her love of nature stems from growing up in the Democratic Republic of Congo and having the freedom to walk through thick Congo jungles, swim in the Congo River, or just enjoy the epic rainstorms.

Since moving to Canada 8 years ago as a refugee, she’s discovered hiking in the local mountains, and bringing friends along who’ve never hiked before to coach and encourage them along the way. “As a woman of colour,” Judith says, “I’ve sometimes felt very alone, when many people of colour enjoy the outdoors. Nature is beautiful in the sense that it doesn’t discriminate.”

When she’s not hiking, running or spending time with friends, she likes to travel and learn about the diverse cultures the world has to offer. She also strongly believes outdoor lifestyles should be accessible to everyone.

“I’m excited to be an MEC Ambassador, and to change stereotypes about who has access to outdoor activities. I’m an ordinary person who enjoys nature and getting out and moving!”