Nick Elson-5x2

Nick Elson

Discipline: Running Ambassador

Campbell River, BC
Squamish, BC

Whether on foot, on skis, or tied into a rope, Nick is motivated by challenge and exploration in the mountains.

He likes big adventures, but since he’s not much of a morning person and is also loathe to get home late for dinner, Nick’s been forced to become relatively fit and efficient. He’s made one-day ascents of big alpine faces and has also won multiple national championships in ski mountaineering and mountain running. Nick is particularly inspired by adventures that blur the lines between different mountain disciplines and require a combination of physical fitness, technical skill and mental toughness.

“I like to experience the full spectrum of technicality and intensity in the mountains. Different goals help keep me motivated to train, but a common thread in most of my adventures is an element of uncertainty and personal challenge.”