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Sabrina Chapman

Discipline: Climbing Ambassador

Hamilton, ON
Toronto, ON

Sabrina was born and raised in Hamilton, ON, and learned to climb in a Toronto gym when she moved to the city after college. Until that point, running was Sabrina’s sole activity of choice, but once she started exploring the limestone crags around greater Toronto – especially Lion’s Head farther north – climbing quickly took over her life.

Sabrina is one of a few women in Ontario who is pushing her physical limits in the 13+ range of sport climbing. Her goal? To challenge her own belief of what she’s capable of.

On a deeper level, climbing gives Sabrina a means to connect and interact with her natural world, to become a part of the landscape she moves in, and to expand her mental and spiritual growth. When she’s not doing 6-hour weekend driving missions to get on her project, you can find Sabrina working full-time, running 3 days a week and training in the gym.

“Climb hard and be kind.”