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Taryn Eyton

Discipline: Leave No Trace Ambassador

Vancouver, BC
Vancouver, BC

Taryn will tell you that her home is in Vancouver, but her heart is in the mountains.

As a volunteer trainer with Leave No Trace Canada, Taryn leads workshops to educate hikers about how we can all minimize our impact on the environment when we spend time outdoors. She is passionate about protecting the wilderness and ensuring both new and experienced users have the knowledge to do the same.

Taryn loves exploring wild places and tries to get outside as much as possible. You can find her hiking in Vancouver’s North Shore mountains on weeknights, backpacking in southwestern BC on weekends, heading overseas to go trekking on vacations, and sharing her adventure and Leave No Trace tips online whenever she has internet access.

“Everyone makes mistakes when they’re first learning how to travel responsibly in the outdoors. (I still cringe when I remember some of mine.) But each mistake is a learning opportunity, and a chance to find out how to treat the wilderness better next time.”