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#goodtimesoutside: best of December

“Winter is coming” might be the most overused catchphrase of the past five years. Instead, try this one on for size: “Winter is here!” Yes, winter has officially arrived and over the past few weeks, inspired groups of awesome Canadians have headed out on one radical adventure after another – with the photos to back it up.

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Without further ado, our top 10 picks for December:

1. Serene sunset paddle on the lake escaping the thick bricked-up gridlock only minutes away.

2. I request the highest of fives!

3. Fat bike commute to go climb a frozen waterfall: this is what you do for fun in -32°C weather.

4. Moonlight, moon bright, first moon I see tonight.

5. Happy 2017 from our backcountry to yours.

6. A new year is like a blank book, and the pen is in your hands.

7. Kachoong! The most awesome 5.11a on the planet. Named after the sound the rope makes if you take a whip at the lip.

8. Throw some snow in the air, wave at it like you just don’t care.

9. Double poling through Jasper’s winter wonderland.

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10. Every time you tag your winter photos with @mec and #live4snow, MEC will donate $2 to Protect Our Winters (up to $15,000). Yahoo, let’s get tagging! But first, check out Bow Lake in full winter sunset mode:

Winter may be coldest season of the year, but the way everyone keeps getting out and enjoying the snow warms our hearts. Keep the awesome pics coming – looking forward to January’s top ten.

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Dennis Begley
Dennis Begley

Ambassador team leader, content creator and mid-pack ultrarunner who understands the importance of a lengthy taper. If there’s any gnar around, chances are he’s shredding it.