A collage of February's GTO

#goodtimesoutside: best of February

The never-ending winter of 2017 was out in full force during the month of February, but that didn’t stop you amazing people from getting out and living it up, #goodtimesoutside style.

Hot springs, hot oats and cold weather experiments led the way in this February edition.

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Our top 10 picks for February:

1. Balaclava love kiss.

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2. Very old friends, very little friends and very furry friends, because one person can’t fulfill every friendship function.

3. How to survive in the woods. Step 1: find a hot spring. Step 2: bring drinks.

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4. Pun alert: *Névé* skip breakfast, even if it takes 30 minutes to melt snow for oats deliciously seasoned with butter. (Photo taken on the Garibaldi Névé traverse.)

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5. Fun experiments to do in -25°C weather? Convince your crazy friends to go snowshoeing with you:

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6. There appears to be a direct correlation between riding a fat bike and smiling ear to ear.

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7. Monday morning’s checklist: coffee, coffee, more coffee:

8. Hanging out with “deer” friends in Mont Tremblant:

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9. Now lean back, lean back, lean back, lean back.

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10. The forecast calls for sunshine, summits and smiles:

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Dennis Begley
Dennis Begley

Ambassador team leader, content creator and mid-pack ultrarunner who understands the importance of a lengthy taper. If there’s any gnar around, chances are he’s shredding it.