Collage of November's #goodtimesoutside photos

#goodtimesoutside: our favourites so far

We’re into December now, and if winter weather hasn’t hit your city yet, it appears to be on its way soon. Thinking of hibernating until spring? Not so fast – we just checked the forecast and there’s a 100% chance of good times outside year-round.

Each month, we’ll choose ten of our favourite Instagram pics that have the #goodtimesoutside hashtag and share them on the blog. From big-time outdoor inspiration to the tiny moments that make you laugh outside, check back to see how MEC members across Canada are exploring their backyard.

So whether you’re shredding through knee-deep pow, eating a killer sandwich with a view, training for your first 10K (with your dog as your running buddy), or getting up to whatever you get up to outside – we want to see it.

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To kick things off, here are our favourites so far:

1. Canoe think of a better place for a winter paddle?

A photo posted by Dax Justin (@daxjustin) on

2. Is a rainbow made with snow called a “snowbow”?

A photo posted by Taryn (@happiestoutdoors) on

3. How much does a SUP weigh? Enough to break the ice. What’s your best adventure pick-up line?

4. When I get that feeling, I want desperation-top-out healing. Keeping it clean on “Soap on a Rope” in Rocktown, Georgia.

5. The early bird gets the lake.

6. You can go ride your bike after you’ve finished dusting.

A photo posted by MEDWARDS (@max_edwards01) on

7. Believe the hype: Whistler Blackcomb’s ski season has started in the deep end.

A photo posted by Riley Leboe (@rileyleboe) on

8. Waterproof hiking boots are a must! Er… until the water is two feet above them.

9. “That reminds me… did I leave the lights on?”

10. Downward moose.

A photo posted by Darren Hull (@dahul) on

Follow @mec and hashtag #goodtimesoutside for a chance to be featured here next month.

Dennis Begley
Dennis Begley

Ambassador team leader, content creator and mid-pack ultrarunner who understands the importance of a lengthy taper. If there’s any gnar around, chances are he’s shredding it.