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Top 10 moments of 2015: Outdoor Nation edition

From highlighting your all-weather outdoor addictions on social media to teaming up with some inspired minds for events and partnerships, these are the top 10 moments of 2015.

10. 20,000 strong

There were over 20,000 photos shared to #MECNation on Instagram! From best buds chilling out in the wild (canines or humankind) to campouts, hangouts and just getting out, that’s 20,000 adventures, 20,000 new friends and 20,000 sources of inspiration for your 2016 goals.

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9. Chasing sunset

We teamed up with the early birds behind Chasing Sunrise to get amped at sunset. The hike up to the Sea to Sky Gondola summit had all the makings of a typical Vancouver day – pouring rain and no view – but damned if we didn’t have the best time ever with 130 of our new BFFs.

Outdoor Nation wrap-up

8. Won’t back down

Speaking of rain, our urban camp out at Evergreen Brickworks in Toronto was soaking wet, but you wouldn’t know it from the singing, dancing, and partying. It may be Drake’s hometown, but cue Tom Petty: the 6ix won’t back down.

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7. Moonlit magic

There’s nothing like partying on the boardwalk in downtown Montreal. Man, can that city have a good time. There was a definite dreamlike quality to sleeping under apple blossoms and a cool factor to stand up paddle boarding downtown, but dancing to music under the moonlight takes the cake.

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6. Outdoor heroines

We have to celebrate some badass chicks who get outside. Rad Girls Collective and Girls Gone Wilderness were some of the first groups we funded, and they keep working to get women outside on their own terms.

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5. Surf and turf

Who needs ocean? We woke up our surf side by cleaning up Toronto’s beaches and getting out on the Great Lakes. Our new pals Surf the Greats make Hogtown cooler than Lake Ontario on a January day (which, incidentally, they’ve surfed in. Brrrrrrr!)

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4. #Squadgoals

Building the best crew ever (that’s you!) With a digital community of over 16,000 (on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) and 700 peeps at our events, we have an amazing foundation to do great things with a nationwide pack. Did we mention we’re just getting started?

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3. Cash money

This year we gave out $30,000 to fund some crazy, awesome, hyped-up ideas that aim to get more 20-somethings outside. Hi5 Run and Discover Your Wild are just the beginning.

Outdoor Nation wrap-up

2. Bus(t) a move

We hear it all the time – lacking in wheels is a barrier to getting out there. This year, thanks to our friends at Parkbus, an overnight camping trip was a cinch for a band of Torontonians.

Outdoor Nation wrap-up

1. Forget resolutions

Planning to make 2016 your most outdoorsy year yet? Forget resolutions – science shows most of them falter by mid-February anyways (only about 64% of people are still hanging on after only a month into the New Year). Your only goal for this year should be to get outside and let us help. We have some big plans for the future, and free gear, clinics, and events are just the beginning.

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