Gift ideas for gear fanatics

What to give a gear fanatic

Gearheads love talking about gear of almost any kind, but most of them have some sort of specialty. Electronics, watches, camera gear, knives, lighting – the list of high-tech possibilities is a big one. Believe it or not, we have many gearheads who work at MEC (okay, maybe that’s not such a surprise).

One of those people who cares about the details is Haroon. He’s part of our team that looks after quality control for MEC products, and is also an avid photographer in his spare time. As part of these gift ideas, we chatted with Haroon for his take on some of items he’d love to receive as someone who’s into the latest gear:

1. A waterproof case for their phone

There’s a good chance your favourite gear fanatic has latest phone on the market – and wants to protect it. This waterproof Pelican case completely encloses an iPhone to protect it from impacts, dust and water. “It would be nice to no longer have to worry about breaking my phone!” says Haroon.

2. Futuristic lighting

Moji Lantern

Not only do Moji LED lanterns provide soft ambient light in a sleek little package, but this model also has an RBG LED that cycles through all the colours of the rainbow. Watch their eyes light up when you show them that it’s not your standard-issue lantern.

3. Off-the-grid power

Goal Zero Venture 30

The Goal Zero Venture 30 recharger is small enough to fit in someone’s jacket pocket to keep their phone or other device charged. “What I like about this one,” says Haroon, “is just how waterproof it is.”

4. A watch with the ABC’s + more

Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire Watch

When you’re looking for a good technical watch to give as a gift (or to put on your own wishlist), think of the popular acronym ABC: altimeter, barometer and compass. This Garmin Fenix Sapphire watch has all three, not to mention GPS, a heart rate monitor, activity tracking and so much more.

6. Comfortable wireless earbuds

Orca wireless earbuds

Wireless earbuds are the future. “I also like that $1 from each of these earbuds goes to a non-profit group,” Haroon said.

7. A courteous headlamp

Petzl Actik Core Headlamp

The Petzl Actik Core is a nice addition to your favourite gearhead’s lighting quiver. It’s great for camping, adventures and even night running. The red LED mode makes it easy to see in the dark without compromising their eyes’ night vision – plus it won’t disturb their tentmates.

8. Music on the go

Outdoor Tech Buckshot Speaker

If your techy friend is always pumping the jams (or the most recent outdoor gear podcast), a portable speaker is a good option. This Outdoor Technology wireless speaker has an IPX6 waterproof rating, has big sound and connects easily with any phone.

9. A trusty knife

Gerber Ultimate Pro Fixed Blade Knife

Some gearheads have a healthy obsession with collecting knives. The Gerber/Bear Grylls knife is worthy of their collection. Its full-tang single blade is ready to whittle wood or carefully open mail. Other bonus features? It has a fire starter rod, carbide sharpener and a stainless-steel pummel that works as a hammer in a pinch.

10. A reliable dry bag

Even though most of the gear recommendations on this list are already waterproof, your gear-loving friend can carry their essentials together in this incredibly lightweight MEC Raptor Dry Bag for extra protection – it’s made with thermoplastic film instead of heavy-coated fabric.

10. An outdoor throne

Helinox Sunset Chair

One of the most comfortable and compact full-size camping chairs on the market is the Helinox Sunset Chair. It uses the same tech as high-end tents, and they’ll be able to sit back and chat about gear and gadgets all night long.

11. Goggles with magnets

Anon goggles with facemask

These Anon goggles use rare-earth magnets to swap out lenses and attach a fleece facemask with no fussing.

12. The latest GoPro

Nothing but the latest tech will do for the gearhead in your life. The new GoPro Hero6 Black has active slow motion so they can drool over all their epic shots.

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