Global Climate Action

As an organization, we want to support Canadians in sharing their collective voice to inspire change. On Friday, September 27 all MEC stores across Canada will be closed until 5pm to support our staff who choose to lend their voice to the movement.

Youth across the world are striking for a viable, liveable planet. We stand with them.




Socially and environmentally accountable

Everything we make, do, sell or touch has an impact on a planet that’s already stretched to its limits. It’s up to us all to stretch our own limits to reduce carbon emissions and the environmental footprint of MEC’s supply chain and operations.

  • We invest in renewable energy certificates for all facilities to support clean development and some stores generate energy on-site with solar panels.
  • We are targeting a reduction in our carbon footprint of 1.8% each year. We review this annually in line with science-based targets.
  • Eight stores are designed to LEED Gold standards and Head Office is designed to LEED platinum.
  • We cut out unnecessary packaging, limit glue, and use environmentally preferred materials in our products.
  • 88% of MEC Label clothes and sleeping bags use bluesign®-approved textiles to lessen our impact on the environment.
  • Last year, 92.8% of waste we produced was diverted from landfills. 0.86 million kilograms in total.
  • We fixed over 11,000 products that members brought to stores last year.
  • We helped found the Sustainable Apparel Coalition.
  • We provide funding to Ocean Wise for critical microplastics and microfibre research.

Read more about our progress and the targets we set through our current report


Concerns or questions?

We understand that this may impact members who have rental gear booked or bike repairs scheduled. Your local store can help you revise any service bookings. Please contact the MEC Governance Office governance@mec.ca if you have concerns that stores cannot address.