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Notice: MEC Gear Swap

Hey there, MEC community: the current version of the Online Gear Swap has been retired as of February 19, 2022.

What a ride. Way back in 1997, a little thing called the MEC Online Gear Swap was born as a place for people to sell and buy used gear and find trip partners. It pre-dated Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and Kijiji in the world of scoring online deals for used outdoor gear; at its height in 2005, it boasted more than 21,000 posts.

Since then, it’s been awesome to see the market for secondhand gear take off on so many other sites (and fun to know the MEC community was among the first).

We know people now have lots of options to buy and sell used gear online, and postings on our own gear swap slowed significantly over the last few years. So it seemed like the right time to push pause on our online gear swap as we regroup, look at potential improvements, and consider other ways MEC can help to extend the life of outdoor gear.

To all the dedicated gear swappers

Thank you. You helped create an online movement of people committed to keeping gear in the wild (while saving a few bucks along the way, nice). If you have old gear that may need a small fix to keep it going, check out our how-to articles and videos on popular gear repair and maintenance topics.

Postings on the gear swap

Any remaining postings that were active on the MEC Online Gear Swap have been deleted. We hope you’re able to find a new home for your gear or snag that elusive pair of electric blue 1992 Rad Pants on another site.