Grant funding FAQ

We have refreshed our spring and fall community grant program. Please read the updated FAQ’s below for information about the refreshed grant program. Contact us if you have questions about our Expedition Support or Grassroots Product Donations.

Why did you make changes to the granting program?

As of Summer 2017, we made changes to better align our grant program to our MEC purpose – to inspire and enable everyone to lead active outdoor lifestyles. Our aim is to create a community of active outdoor enthusiasts. As we build this community, we share a responsibility to build a nation-wide appreciation and respect for the environment by teaching responsible outdoor recreationally practices.

Our new granting categories are re-aligned to support our overall vision and values. This strategic and streamlined approach will allow MEC to contribute in more meaningful ways to the areas where we have the expertise and can demonstrate impact.

MEC will continue to work with partners strategically who have expertise to help keep space for adventure by conserving ecologically and recreationally important places.

What’s different about the new Community grants program?

We have realigned our funding pillars for our grant applications to support MEC’s purpose. Our new funding categories are:

  1. Identify and reduce barriers in responsible outdoor activity and increase the community of active outdoor enthusiasts.
  2. Teach responsible outdoor recreation practices and environmental stewardship.

We will continue to work with our partners to fulfil our goal of conserving areas of significant ecological or outdoor recreational value through strategic partnerships.

Is my project eligible under the new program guidelines?

Your project or initiative is eligible if it supports the following priorities:

  1. Identify and reduce barriers in responsible outdoor activity and increase the community of active outdoor enthusiasts.
  2. Teach responsible outdoor recreation practices and environmental stewardship.

Funding will be provided to projects or initiatives that support one of the two funding priorities, however, preference will be given to those that support both. See the full list of eligibility requirements

How will you continue to support your goal of conserving areas of significant ecological or outdoor recreational value?

We will work strategically with partners to create meaningful impact to ensure we are protecting spaces across Canada. We are committed to conserving the ecologically and recreationally important places where we adventure and that sustain us through these valuable partnerships.

What is the process to apply?

The application process to apply remains the same as previous years. We have two intake periods, spring and fall, in which applications are accepted. After the application deadline has closed, applications will be reviewed by a committee and the results communicated within approximately 6-8 weeks.

Do I need to be a member of MEC?

Yes, to apply for a grant or product donation your organization needs to be an MEC member. Call us at 1 (888) 847-0770 to purchase a membership or find out if your organization already has a member number.

How much support can my project receive?

MEC provides support based on projects costs up to a maximum of $20,000. As part of our application process you will be asked to submit and accurate and prudent budget for consideration.

I forgot the password for my application.

If you don’t have a copy, or you’ve lost the unique log in and password for your application, please click the “Need Help?” link at the top right corner of the application page for assistance.

Do I have to fill out my application all at once?

Once you begin an application, you can save the information and return to it later. Don’t forget to save your user name and password to re-enter at a later date. Once you submit your application, you cannot change any information. Please note that applications will not be accepted after the deadline dates.

Can I submit multiple applications?

You may submit one application per project or initiative. If you have multiple projects or initiatives you may submit a new project application. Pick your most important project to put forward for a given category.

Can I make changes after I submit?

No, you cannot change an application once submitted, you will only be able to view it.

How can I be sure my application was received?

You’ll receive a confirmation email sent to the address associated with your application. If you don’t receive an email, confirm that your application was submitted – if you can still access your application, it has not yet been submitted.

Is it okay to ask for the maximum amount allowed?

You can ask for any amount within the range outlined. When we fund projects, we try to fund the entire amount requested instead of funding portions of the amount. We expect you to ask for the amount needed for the project.

My project goes longer than one year. Can I still apply?

If your entire project is longer than one year, you can apply for funding for a specific phase if it is attainable within a one-year term.

I was declined. can I re-apply?

Organizations are welcome to re-apply for the same project. You should update and improve the new application based on any changed circumstances and feedback received.

Are supporting documents required?

Submit supporting documents if they enhance the application and are pertinent to the project. Don’t submit annual reports or documents that aren’t specific to the project.

Can I instruct project supporters to send their letters of support directly to MEC?

Submit all supporting documents, including letters of support, with your application. Letters of support received after the application is submitted will not be accepted.

Who reviews the applications?

Review committees across Canada include MEC staff, MEC members, and may include members of the MEC Board of Directors. Committee members who review your application may or may not be familiar with your organization and the project you are applying for.

How quickly can I receive a product donation?

Product donations approved through the Community grant category can take anywhere from one month to a full year and a half. While most orders can be filled within a month or two, boats, ski gear, and out-of-season equipment may require significant time to acquire. Please plan accordingly.

How is funding distributed for successful grants?

Funding will be distributed once a signed agreement letter has been returned. You will receive full funding within a few weeks of receiving the signed agreement.

What do successful projects have in common?

Successful applications are clear and concise with obvious goals. Each response is clearly thought out. The project needs to clearly relate to MEC’s grant objectives and how it will deliver on the eligibility criteria. Competition for approval can be stiff. Be sure your application does not include spelling errors, heavy use of acronyms or jargon, and that the budget is properly balanced. A clear and easy-to-read application makes the reviewers happy.

Please contact us if you still have questions:


Service Centre (membership sign up or questions): 1.888.847.0770

Application specific questions: 1.866.632.3863