MEC as a co-op

MEC as a co-op

Co-op is a business structure that’s designed around values, not profit. It’s a collective of people who share ownership, knowledge and resources, and it’s a democracy with open membership and global reach. It’s what MEC is, and has been since August 02, 1971.

Everyone who shops here is a member and an owner.

Members get direct benefits:

  • Access to quality products at fair prices
  • The largest selection of outdoor gear and clothing in Canada, and exclusive access to the MEC-label
  • Informed advice from experienced staff
  • Gear and advice backed with a Rocksolid Guarantee

Benefits that develop:

  • Rental gear to try out new activities
  • Events, meet-ups, courses and races to help you develop skills
  • Equity that grows as you shop – MEC regularly returns surplus to members

Benefits that sustain:

  • Through 1% for the Planet, purchases support community projects and environmental causes in Canada
  • MEC products are made in safe, respectful conditions in places that support fair labour practices
  • We build green buildings and source low-impact materials

Rules of co-operation

We use these rules to conduct our affairs, and when you join MEC, you agree to operate by them too. Please contact us if you have any questions. MEC rules of co-operation (PDF)

A bigger picture

Being part of a global co-operative movement links us with co-ops in 103 countries, everything from financial institutions to grassroots neighbourhood shops. It fundamentally affects the way we do business, as we look at more than the business case of what will pay off right now, and instead seek solutions that are socially and environmentally responsible, keep us financially viable, and serve the needs of members. The co-operative principles are guidelines by which co-operatives put their values into practice.

MEC is Canada’s largest co-op by membership, a sound, successful enterprise, and something we feel proud to be a part of.