Chilcotins MTB trip

4-Day South Chilcotins

Please note: there are currently no Chilcotins bike trips available. Check out the line-up of unforgettable mountain bike trips through BC’s stunning Sea-to-Sky corridor instead.

Check “epic mountain bike trip” off your bucket list, and discover the South Chilcotins of British Columbia. These guided trips give you a chance to uncover the magic of breathtaking mountain passes, the rich colour of alpine meadows and glacial-fed lakes that will invigorate your soul. The Chilcotins are a mountain bike playground of rolling terrain and fun, BC singletrack.

Chilcotins map

SKill level required: Advanced to Expert

You are at home on singletrack with tight turns, trees, rocks, roots, loose dirt and mud. Your shifting is natural on climbs and descents without having to think about it, and modulating your front and rear brakes to stay in control is a no-brainer. Long descents with obstacles and steep grades are the main reason you signed up for the trip – you love them. When climbing, you can shift your riding position to make it up tricky, steep sections, because climbing is part of the fun! But you also know your limits. You’re comfortable riding sections that could have moderate consequences, and you know when it’s better to walk a section.

Fitness level required: Advanced

You exercise three or more times a week, and feel comfortable riding up to eight hours a day at a moderate pace. This includes long climbs of up to two hours, and you’d be ready do that all again for multiple days.

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Day 1: Whistler to base Camp


Kick off the experience by departing from Whistler via float plane to Lorna Lake, 100km north. All your luggage and bikes come along for the ride.

From the lake, we start biking up though a mountain pass, then descend 5km for dinner at Bear Paw Camp. Get to know your newest MTB mates and guides over a hearty meal, and settle in for the night in your safari-style tent.

Approximate distance traveled: 8km

Elevation gain (meters): up 300+ / down 50+

 Day 2: South Chilcotin Park Loop

Depart Bear Paw Camp for a loop though the heart of South Chilcotin Mountains Park. There are many options here, your guide will know what best suits you and your newest riding buddies, so you can pick where you’ll be riding. Opt for mountain passes, lakes, creeks and valleys, or all of them, as you make your way up to Little Paradise. If you’re still up for more, you can go up one more pass to Manson Creek and ride back to base camp through the big, orange, mountain slopes.

Approximate distance traveled: 36km

Elevation gain (meters): up 1200+ / down 1200+

Day 3: Deer Pass to spruce Camp

Rise early for a 650-meter climb over the spectacular Deer Pass to enjoy stunning views of the entire South Chilcotin Mountains Park. After soaking in the views, we begin the descent into the Gun Creek trail, passing Trigger and Hummingbird Lakes. Ride through spectacular meadows en route to Spruce Camp for well-earned meals, a dip in the lake, rest and relaxation. At Spruce Camp you can take a rowboat to go fish or just explore before getting some sleep in your safari-style tent.

Approximate distance traveled: 27km

Elevation gain (meters): up 954+ / down 1100+

Day 4: Eldorado Meadows to whistler

Today is a fun, rolling and flowy day as we ride past Trigger and Hummingbird Lakes to open grasslands and a river valley. A short climb and cruisy sections lead to Spruce Creek Camp for a dip in the lake, a meal and sleep.

Approximate distance traveled: 15km

Elevation gain (meters): up 283+ / down 326+

Photos: 7Mesh / Brian Goldstone

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