Our own products

Our own products

We live in the real world, in all its fun, cool, weird glory, and we design for anyone who takes the scenic route, or drops down the fall line, who likes to breathe into a twist or arc out a turn. We love this world, so our products must be worthy of it, something we’re proud to have out there.

MEC products inspire, bring confidence and honour simplicity.


Everything around us spurs us to make impeccable products, and reach deep to get it done. We source beautiful, practical materials, and only those which we know can be renewed. Our not-so-secret agenda is to work inspiration into the pieces we create, so they carry the spark and the desire to live a rich, active, outdoor life.


Building slowly and working within a small production loop gives us total confidence in what we make. MEC-label products are ours at every moment in process. We design them, choose the materials, build the protoypes and test them hard. We see them on the factory floor and run the stores where members can find them. We know what they are, what they can do and we guarantee them without question.


Simplicity is fiercely hard. It takes discipline to do less. We do it because simplicity wears well and it lasts. We do it because we want more simplicity in the world.