What makes small group travel so awesome?

Adventure travel trips aren’t about lounging at an all-inclusive resort or slogging along in a huge tour bus. They’re about new experiences: new places, new activities, new people and busting out of your regular routine. Small group travel helps you do all these things and makes the most of your time away from home.

Why join a small group travel trip? Here are some reasons:

It saves you time

When you get the travel bug, scrolling through review sites and guidebooks is fun. But when you actually need to start making decisions about where to stay/eat/hike/go, it can take way more time than you expect.

An organized small group tour means local travel experts have done the pre-planning work for you. They know the answers to destination-specific questions (things like, “What’s the best way to spend a week in Iceland?” or “Where do the locals eat dinner in Tuscany?”). They can also help you with pre-trip planning and useful packing lists.

“For someone who works full-time and has a very busy life, organized tours have been great time-savers for the planning required ahead of time, especially if it’s a place I’ve never been before.” –Lauren, MEC staffer

You get local experiences

People kayaking in beautiful scenery with rocky cliffs nearby

MEC Adventures staffers work with guides to create the trip itineraries and lead the group. Hearing from a guide who’s passionate about the place you’re visiting – and knows lots of fun tidbits about the area – offers more than what you can get from a guidebook. It creates a personal experience. You’ll end up chatting with locals your guide knows and visiting places you’d never hear about on trip review sites.

“You get to learn a lot more about a country’s culture, traditions and customs with a local guide around 24/7, as opposed to just consulting a guidebook.” – Tina, MEC staffer

You get to focus on fun, not logistics

Don’t waste travel time worrying about whether you’ll make the right train connection or if you’re getting gouged on your accommodations. Small group tours give you reliable, local knowledge around all the nitty-gritty details when you’re in a new place.

We do the work to find you the best things to do, places to stay and food to eat… and you get to enjoy it all, without stressing about where the heck to catch a bus to get to the next town before 3pm.

Instant travel partners

Group of people eating food outdoors

Part of what makes these trips memorable will be the people you meet along the way. The maximum number of travellers on most MEC Adventures is 16; we’re expecting most tours will have about a dozen.

If you’re travelling solo (and many people on small group tours are), MEC Adventures give you a built-in social crew to connect with on your hike or bike ride, and hang out with at dinner and drinks afterwards. If you’re travelling with a partner or friend, a small group offers you a chance to meet other like-minded travellers, and takes the pressure off doing absolutely everything as a duo.

“I’m still in touch with friends and guides from trips I took 5+ years ago. My Facebook feed is full of everyone’s ongoing adventures long after we’ve returned home.” – Allison, MEC staffer

You aren’t a tour bus lemming

Small group tours are immersive. You spend as much time as possible experiencing local culture and places, instead of filing on and off a tour bus to snap a photo and repeat. You’ll learn from knowledgeable guides who care about the places you go and want you to have an incredible time – it’s a chance to visit places that only the locals know about. Small group adventure trips are for travellers who want to keep an open mind, explore the outdoors in new places, and embrace other cultures.

If all of this sounds like something you’re interested in, we’d love to have you along.