Intense Cycles

Legendary since the beginning, Intense Cycles have built aggressive, game-changing, and flat-out rad mountain bikes since 1993.


The Tracer

  • Available prices $8700.00

Enduro + trail

A burly, beastly, beauty of a trail bike. Devours aggressive lines – it’s the ultimate whip for the bike park, Enduro comps or the trails.

  • 160mm front, 165mm rear travel
  • 27.5in. wheels
  • JS Tuned suspension
  • Slack geometry enables total stability
  • Shortened wheelbase for impressive climbing capability


The Recluse

  • Available prices $6990.00

Enduro + trail

Your ultimate weapon for aggressive, gnarly trails. A slack head angle and short wheelbase make it a flickable, exciting beast.

  • 150mm front, 140mm rear travel
  • 27.5in. wheels
  • JS Tuned suspension
  • iBOX Pivot System for a nimble, efficient ride
  • 66-degree headtube angle makes steep descents feel solid

16_CM_0081_New_Bike_Launch_trail riding_Spider_5x2_Phase2.jpg

The Spider

  • Available prices $6990.00
  • Available prices $8190.00

Trail + XC

Boasting highly efficient JS Tuned suspension and a frame geometry that’s racy yet fun, the Spider slays fast XC and trail riding.

  • 140mm front, 115/130 rear travel
  • 27.5in. wheels
  • JS Tuned suspension
  • 148x12mm spacing in the rear hub and 100x15mm in the front boosts stiffness
  • Aluminum option (stellar value) or carbon fibre rocket


As fast and light as it gets. Experience the Spider

16_CM_0081_New_Bike_Launch_trail riding_ACV_5x2_Phase2.jpg


  • Available prices $5490.00
  • Available prices $7690.00

Adventure + trail

Meet the Air Cushioned Vehicle. With mega-sized tires, the burly ACV floats over ambitious terrain and is engineered for all-mountain adventure.

  • 150mm front, 115/130 rear travel
  • 27.5in+ wheels
  • 2.8in. wide Maxxis tires for solid traction
  • JS Tuned suspension
  • 148x12mm spacing in the rear hub and 110x15mm in the front boosts stiffness

The ultimate all-mountain adventure bike. Watch the ACV shred

16_CM_0081_New_Bike_Launch_trail riding_Primer_5x2_Phase2.jpg

The Primer

  • Available prices $8390.00
  • Available prices $6990.00

XC + trail

A premium 29er – one of the finest available anywhere. The short wheelbase means a fast, race-ready and more nimble ride than you ever thought possible for a 29er.

  • 140mm front, 115/130 rear travel
  • 29in. wheels
  • iBOX Pivot System for climbing efficiency and trail management
  • JS Tuned suspension
  • Hyperlight, sleek carbon frame


29'er brilliance. Get up closer with the Primer.

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