MEC Label Winter 2020

Forty-eight years of wilderness experience informs everything we make. This season has some of our most dialed designs yet – designed and tested right here in our own backyard.

More than just a few green products

Sustainability is about investment and big-picture thinking. With decades of experience, we know what it’s not about. Hype.

19_181_Web-Maintenance_MEC-Label_Outpost-Pack_Sept11.jpg 19_181_Web-Maintenance_MEC-Label_wom_jacket_1.5x2_Nov14.jpg
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MEC Label has nothing to hide

"That doesn’t mean we’re perfect, but we’re honest about where we are and clear about where we’re going."

- Wendy Youds, Senior Director of Product Design


✔ We’ve published a full factory list every year since 2008, so you know exactly where your MEC Label gear was made.

Recycled content? Yup, we’ve been keeping plastic bottles and industrial waste out of landfills and oceans for 25 years now.

✔ If it’s cotton and made by MEC, it’s 100% organically grown. Something we’ve been working on since 1998.

✔ We tell you when we hit goals – and every time we miss one in our Annual Report.

✔ We use wool and down that can be traced to ensure the animals are responsibly raised and cared for.

✔ Our partnership with the Fair Trade USA program was established in 2014 – the first in Canada. Our Fair Trade Certification helps to ensure safe working conditions, worker empowerment and gender equality in the workforce.


Fair is only the beginning

"When I travel to factories where MEC Label is made, I meet the factory owners, workers and local governments and we get to ask tough questions like, “How can we protect people from forced labour in our industry?” It’s empowering to know I have 5.5 million members cheering me on."

– Samantha Kuchmak, Manager of Social and Environmental Responsibility

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Tested to wear well

We’ve come a long way since we strapped tents to the roof of a truck to test wind durability, but we still go above and beyond to test MEC Label before you buy it.