MEC Label Spring 2020

Our goals are simple: reduce our footprint, treat people with respect, and build products you can trust to perform – all at a fair price. The spring collection was made for future you.

More than just a few green products

Organic cotton, recycled content, Fair Trade – we do things the right way, not the easy way.

New for spring

Layers, breathable waterproof jackets and ergonomic packs and bags, for this season and many more.


You want performance? You got it.

Gear that’s tested to work outside (then tested and tested again).

MEC Label hike

We take the path less travelled to design pieces with the lowest possible impact. Trust them anywhere you want to explore.

Label_LP_3x2_jackets_EN.jpg Label_LP_3x2_layers_EN.jpg

Make yourself searchable

All new MEC packs all have built-in Recco reflectors. These tiny gadgets are detectable from helicopter searches if someone is lost in the backcountry.

It’s a keeper

Fun fact: MEC Label has one of the lowest return rates we see.

MEC Label camp

From backcountry bivys to camping with the fam – our gear is built to handle adventures that include tree-sap, dirt, mustard spills and campfire smoke.

Label_LP_3x2_tents_EN.jpg Label_LP_3x2_sleepingpads_EN.jpg