MEC label

Spring 2019 marks an all-new drop of the gear and clothing we create ourselves – designed to last and do good for the planet along the way.


They should have called it “good stuff only”

When you see that a product uses bluesign-approved materials, you can trust it’s been made with reduced chemical and environmental impacts and that everything that goes into the materials can be traced back through all phases of production.

  • Available prices $159.95
  • Available prices $89.00
  • Available prices $75.00
  • Available prices Clearance price $45.00 From $45.00 to $75.95 $45.00$75.95

(some colours reduced)


Behind the design

Meet Senior Director of Product Design, Wendy Youds, who explains “we make versatile products that work, whatever the weather or pursuit. We do this with the least amount of environmental impact and at an unexpectedly affordable price”. Spring 2019 marks the first season of her vision coming to life.

Fair Trade

Being fair is only the beginning

When you buy a Fair Trade Certified piece, you can feel good about the working conditions and wellbeing of the people who crafted it. This is more than just how much people get paid – Fair Trade Certification takes a holistic view of the health and happiness of factory employees.

  • Available prices $19.00

Designed to last since 1976 (ish)

We’ve been making our own clothing and gear since around 1976, and most MEC members have a story of a backpack or jacket that’s been passed down for generations. We quality-test everything we make – so don’t be surprised if your next piece from MEC Label eventually becomes a family heirloom.

Do it all

Up for anything

If you think your clothes can only do one thing, think again. MEC Label is where thoughtful and deliberate design converges with smart features and fabrics. The result is sleek and minimalist pieces you’ll take with you anywhere and everywhere.

  • Available prices $164.00
  • Available prices $64.00
  • Available prices $139.95
  • Available prices $65.00