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You found Canada’s best-kept run secret. MEC is your home base for races (we’ve got Canada’s biggest race series), informative clinics and pace-friendly run crews.

MEC Race Series

Hang out with friendly pace chasers, get in a workout and be rewarded in coffee, bananas and high fives. Our chip-timed races wrap up all that (and more) for about the price of a movie ticket.



Looking to get stronger, faster and better? Our run leaders teach you everything you need to know about gait, shoes, speedwork, hill training, nutrition and what to eat on race day.

Run crews

Think of us as your flight crew – we go out as a team and finish as a team. Run leaders set a pace to keep you motivated, and make sure no one is left behind.

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Run Lab

An amazing run starts with the right shoes. Staff at MEC’s Run Labs can assess your gait and foot dynamics. Use a pressure mat to scan the mechanics of your stride, and go for a test run to try out new shoes.

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