Trail Running

Ready to swap sidewalks for switchbacks?

From tips and tricks to long-run essentials, get all the info you need to start trail running.

Already taking on tree-lined trails?


Before you go

Rad things happen when you take it to the trail.

Trail running 101

From beginner tips to planning an all-day trail adventure, we break down the essential gear and know-how in an easy-to-follow guide to trail running.

“Whenever I feel anxious these days, I just put on my trail shoes and head for a local trail. No matter where I am, it’s the best remedy for my soul.”

— Mel (@Melsays) is a TV host, writer and content creator who lives and runs in Vancouver


Run lessons? That’s a thing?

You bet. From fresh-off-the-couch 5K training to 5-week courses to help road runners transition to trails, each clinic combines fun group runs with expert advice on gear, technique, wayfinding and safety.

What to wear

Find your footing

If you want to tackle muddy, wet routes or trickier terrain with roots, rocks, hills and narrow sections (aka technical trails), you’ll need a pair of grippy trail running shoes.

Get a grip


Extra traction and protection for rocky trails and slippery boardwalks.


Click for run clothes

Boost performance and prevent injury by choosing shoes with the right amount of stability for you.

Invest in breathable, moisture-wicking layers, good running socks, and a lightweight hydration vest or pack.

Carry-on only


Stay hydrated and prepared with a pack or vest full of water and other essentials.

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What to bring


Happy hour


Fuel your run. Keep some protein bars and electrolytes handy as you pick up your pace.

Friday night lights


Spot roots, rocks and gaps in the trail with bright run lights and headlamps.

Safety first


Blister pads, Band-Aids and pain ointment are a runner’s best friends.


Get running


Low-cost, high-stoke trail races

The MEC Race Series includes everything from beginner-friendly 5Ks to flat-out gnarly ultras. Challenge yourself on the trails, then relax with finish-line snacks and massages.

#1: Pace yourself and start slow. Don't burn out 1km into the race. Let everyone else blast off the start line while you keep a steady pace and finish strong.

MEC Ambassadors share their best tips for your first trail race


Local MEC run crews

Want to hit the trails with some running buddies? Find motivation and tackle new routes with an MEC run crew.

Trail running clinics

Whether you’re transitioning from road to trail or ready to tackle a 55K trail ultra, MEC run experts will help you reach your next running goal.


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