Mountaineers Backpacker's Backcountry Cookbook


Mountaineers Backpacker's Backcountry Cookbook

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Cut your pack weight and use less stove fuel with 144 tasty recipes you can prepare trailside in 10 minutes. Seventy of the dishes are pretty instant – just add water – to pare down weight and time for minimalist fast-packers. Covers the basics about ingredients, dehydrating, and nutritional info and calorie counts. There’s lots of variety in the recipes, which include meals like Thai veggie noodles, coconut-mango rice pudding, backwoods smoothies, cashew veggie wraps, lemon pepper penne, and Tex-Mex bulgar.

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Ideal for Backpacking
Author Dorcas Miller
Language English
Pages 174
Edition 1st
ISBN 9780898865516
Made in USA