DMM Belaymaster Screwlock Biner



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Ever looked down at your belay device to find the attached carabiner cross-loaded beween the rope and the belay loop? The Belay Master offers a significant safety improvement by offering a pivoting catch that locks down on the gate and keeps the carabiner properly aligned. In addition, it can only be engaged once the carabiner is locked, so it acts as great reminder. The carabiner in itself is a nice round stock, medium size, pear-shape, and can be used without the catch, which twists off if you don’t want it.

  • Strength of 25kN with closed gate, 7kN with open gate.
  • Gate opening of 1.6cm.
  • Screw gate must be manually engaged.
  • Three Sigma tested.
  • CE certified.

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Ideal for
  • Snow and ice climbing
  • Rock climbing
  • Indoor climbing
Made in United Kingdom