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The mini-traxion is ideal for hauling; whether it be a heavy wall bag, or a rescue situation (it is rated for live loads). It is also a useful back-up for belaying, or ascending a fixed overhead rope. The cam can be cocked away to allow for pure pulley action as well.

  • Swing side-walls for easy attachment.
  • Self lubricating bearings.
  • Use with ropes 8-13mm.
  • Use locking ovals or round stock pear shape biners, so the hole does not bind along the spine.
  • CE certified.

Tech specs

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Side plates material Aluminum
Sheave material Stainless steel
Rope diameter

The maximum diameter or the range of rope diameter that is compatible with the device.

8 - 13mm
Strength 20kN
CE certified Yes
Made in France