DMT DMT Serrated Coarse 4" Whetstone


DMT DMT Serrated Coarse 4" Whetstone

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Tapering to a point, this coarse-grit diamond whetstone sharpener is specifically made for use on serrated edges. The plastic handles provide a sure grip for accurate sharpening and fold around the whetstone to sheath and protect it during storage.

  • Made of diamond, steel, and plastic.
  • Length is 24.2cm open and 13cm closed.

Tech specs

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Weight 79g
Ideal for Camping and hiking
Abrasive level Coarse
Abrasive medium Diamond
Micron equivalency

The abrasive expressed in microns. The higher the number, the finer the sharpening surface. A lower number is coarser.

Dimensions 11 x 0.6cm
Made in USA