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The Elios helmet design melds the classic hard-shell concept with lighter foam interior. The ABS shell protects from penetration while the expanded polystyrene (EPS) inner dome provides further protection but limits weight. A push knob on the back adjusts the cradle size. The shape is a subtle departure from the higher sitting dome helmets and echoes the move to more ergonomic, form-fitting designs.

  • Ventilation holes.
  • Integral headlamp clips.
  • Both CE and UIAA certified.

Tech specs

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Microshell helmets are made of a thin polymer sheet over a foam liner; Hardshell helmets have a hard polymer outer shell and a foam liner; when the liner is being bonded to the outer shell during the manufacturing process, it is Molded in the shell.

Shell material ABS
Fit system Adjustable dial
Inner material EPS (expanded polystyrene)
Vents Yes
Headlamp compatible Yes
Approved for

Most helmets are tested and certified for a specific sport. Some helmets are approved for multi-sports, but only after passing the safety tests for both sports (i.e., snowsports and cycling).

Safety rating

Cetification is established by a variety of governing bodies who set impact standards. Most helmets are certified or approved for a specific sport, except in the case of multi-sport helmets (i.e., a snowsports helmet might also be approved for cycling if it meets the cycling safety standards).

UIAA 106
Made in France