Black Diamond Raven Ice Axe



Show Description

The Raven is a general mountaineering axe with a cast steel head. A good choice for mild to moderate terrain, it will make a fine companion for crossing moderately glaciated regions, trekking, or slogging through snow. (For steep faces and more technical terrain, choose a more aggressive axe.) The ergonomically shaped head fills out to nestle naturally in your hand – it’s both easy to manoeuvre, and comfortable to carry over long hauls.

  • Steel head-pick and spike, aluminum shaft.
  • Shaft is uncovered and has a flush spike, both to facilitate plunging.
  • Long, aggressive adze makes short work of chopping and clearing.
  • CE certified to B level in pick and shaft (shaft transversely supports a minimum of 270kg).
  • Leash not included.
  • Available in 65, 70, and 75cm lengths.