Seaward Chilco Fibreglass Kayak



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This lightweight, low-profile expedition kayak is one of the most elegant and best-performing boats out there. It's a great choice for those who want a craft that responds readily to body input. This responsiveness enables you to minimize drag by keeping the rudder up much of the time.

The low-rocker hull emphasizes high speed and effortless tracking. The multiple chines are well defined, providing a relatively small wetted surface area for greater speed and predictability for edging turns. A shallow-V hull provides stability whether you're resting or paddling. The low profile assures low wind resistance and easy rolling.

The rudder is controlled by pivoting the pedals rather than sliding them back and forth; this allows the paddler to brace more solidly into the boat for greater stability and control whether the rudder is in or out of the water.

The cockpit is easily fine-tuned to paddlers of different sizes: the seat back can be moved horizontally forward or backward by mounting it in either of two sets of predrilled holes. The seat back can then be adjusted for tilt using a strap. The seat bottom is padded with minicell foam in a nylon cover. The cover can be opened for sculpting the existing foam or adding more.

  • Made with hand-laid fibreglass.
  • Heavy-duty plastic keel guard protects the bottom of the stern during landings.
  • Surf-style rudder pivots 270 degrees into V-bracket on rear deck.
  • Lowering and raising lines for the rudder are on opposite sides of the cockpit to minimize confusion.
  • Secure nylon straps hold the paddle steady for paddle-float self-rescues; quick-release tabs free it rapidly after re-entry.