WrightSock Double Layer Coolmesh Socks - Unisex



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These socks consist of two separate layers. The movement between these two layers reduces foot friction, and along with that, the chance of blisters. The inner layer is an un-dyed CoolMax® four-channel fibre. As moisture is pulled away from your skin it spreads over the larger surface area of the four-channel fibre where it quickly evaporates.

The outer layer is a CoolMax and nylon blended mesh panel fabric that allows for maximum airflow and even cooler feet without compromising the double-layer benefits. There is also a dash of Lycra® blended into the outer layer to maximize fit.

  • Inner layer made of 70% CoolMax and 30 % nylon.
  • Outer layer made of 72% CoolMax, 24% nylon, and 4% Lycra.