Komperdell Ski Set - Children

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Ideal for young children taking their first strides on skis. The wide platform aids balance and stability. Package includes universal bindings, skis, and poles.

  • Bindings attach to most winter footwear, anything with a supportive sole.
  • Fixed heels.
  • Waxless base provide some grip on uphills, but try duct-taping a short (15-20cm) piece of climbing skin under the binding to enhance climbing and braking in hillier terrain.
  • For toddlers less than 20kg.
  • Poles are 63 and 70cm, choose size that best suits your child's height.

Tech specs

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Ideal for Recreational classic skiing
Core Synthetic
Dimension (all lengths) 58-55-65mm
  • 60cm
  • 70cm

Often called "fish scale" skis, waxless skis are designed so you don't need to apply kick wax. However, you may still want to apply glide wax for a better glide. They are a good option for those who don't like waxing, or for regions where temperatures can vary greatly throughout the day.

Metal edge No
Made in Czech Republic