Grivel Nepal SA Ice Axe



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Built for general mountaineering on easy to moderate terrain this axe features a unique shaft shape designed to facilitate self-belay and self-arresting (SA stands for Self-Arrest). The bend in the lower part of the shaft allows for more snow between the axe shaft and the slope, meaning more resistance to shearing. It also allows for a pivot point against the chest for better manipulation when in self-arrest mode.

  • B-rated ice axe withstanding the UIAA B shaft strength rating of 270kg.
  • Hot forged carbon steel head.
  • Negative clearance pick.
  • Welded on Adze.
  • Aluminum shaft finished off with a flush steel spike, great for plunging.
  • Leash included.
  • Available in 58, 66 and 74cm lengths.
  • CE approved.

Tech specs

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Shaft material Aluminum
Head type Adze
Length 58 cm, 66 cm, 74cm
Leash included Yes
Removable pick No
CE certified Yes
Made in Italy