Petzl Dragonfly 8.2mm Dry Half Rope 5012-806


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Built for ice and alpine or wandering rock routes, this lightweight half rope has a rugged sheath that is nearly a third of the fibre content. Features a climb-ready butterfly coil that lets you use the rope right out of the package with no kinks or tangles. Half ropes must be used in pairs (clipped alternately to pieces of pro) and are recommended for advanced to expert climbers.

  • Impact force rating based on a half rope test.
  • Duratec Dry treatment suitable for ice and alpine.
  • Each rope sold separately, not as a pair.

Tech specs

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Dry ropes have a water-resistant treatment on both core and sheath. Dry (UIAA certified) ropes have both core and sheath treated, plus meet the UIAA Water Repellent standard by passing a stringent test where a soaked rope cannot absorb more than 5% of the rope's weight.

Dynamic elongation

Maximum elongation in the first UIAA test fall, where a weight is attached to the rope and then dropped. Higher numbers indicate stretchier ropes.

Static elongation

In controlled tests, a weight is suspended from the rope (not dropped). Higher numbers indicate stretchier ropes.

Impact force

The amount of force, in kN, that the first UIAA fall puts on the falling object. Less impact force puts less force on the climber, belayer, and protection during a fall.

Linear weight 41g/m
Diameter 8.2mm
UIAA fall rating

Indicates the number of consecutive falls a rope withstood during testing in a controlled environment. The number is for reference only, and does not indicate the number of falls a rope will withstand during actual use or over its lifespan.

Made in France