MEC Child Trailer Baby Supporter



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Provides help for sitting upright, and extra comfort during naps. Adjusts for a growing child and allows full use of 5-point seatbelt harness. The head support can be removed completely when you want them to wear a helmet.

  • For the MEC Single Child Trailer, or for carrying a single infant in the Double Trailer. (You can fit one child and one baby supporter in the Double Trailer, but 2 infant supporters cannot be sqeezed in.)
  • Suitable for children about 3 to18 months old.
  • Note: for children between 3 and 18 months, this adapter should be used with the trailer as a stroller/jogger only. We do not recommend cycling with a child under 18 months in the trailer.
  • Note: You will have leftover bottom loops on this support when you install it in an MEC brand trailer. You haven't done anything wrong: the extra loops are to allow the support to work in other brands of bike trailer.