Continental Ultra Race 700x23c Folding Tire


Continental Ultra Race 700x23c Folding Tire



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A speed-oriented tread combined with a durable training-tire casing. The soft profile is forgiving for smooth comfortable riding. Between the tread and the casing, is the SafetySystem Breaker construction, a strong and tight nylon reinforced with Kevlar. It makes the tire highly resistant to pinches and cuts from debris, thorns and broken glass, yet lightweight and flexible.

  • Recommended 110psi, maximum is 120psi.
  • 180 threads per inch. (The finer the fabric, the more flexible and puncture-proof the tire; the coarser the fabric, the more rigid and cut resistant the tire.)
  • Can be used front or rear.

Tech specs

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Wheel position
  • Rear
  • Front

The bead holds the tire onto the rim. Beads may be hoops of wire, or made of a flexible material which allows them to be folded compactly. Folding tires are easier to store or pack on trips.

Tire size 700 x 23
Recommended PSI

Inflating your tires over the recommended PSI (pounds per square inch) could cause your tube and/or tire to rupture.

Made in Germany