DMM HB Alloy Offset Nuts


DMM HB Alloy Offset Nuts

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Son of the famed HB offsets and produced on modified HB dies, these nuts will find a home on intermediate to experienced climber's racks, for placing in flaring and shallow cracks.

  • Made of heat-treated aluminum alloy to maximize strength and "bite".
  • Colour-coded sizing with upside-down labels for easy ID on your harness.
  • Tops are recessed to allow the wire to sit flush. Countersunk drill holes prevent stress points where the wire enters, and help protect the wire from wear.
  • Tumbled to remove sharp edges that might hinder placements.
  • Wires are matched to nut size, so they can be placed at full reach without flopping.
  • Full size crimp used in wire for strength.
  • Lightening holes in the larger sizes reduce weight.

Tech specs

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  • 28g (7)
  • 30g (8)
  • 39g (9)
  • 46g (10)
  • 55g (11)
Ideal for Trad and aid climbing
Head Aluminum
Stem Double stainless steel

The maximum force generated by a fall the equipment can withstand. The range includes all sizes.

  • 10-12.2mm (7)
  • 10.5-14.2mm (8)
  • 13.6-16.8mm (9)
  • 16-19.8mm (10)
  • 17.6-23.4mm (11)
Three sigma tested Yes
CE certified Yes
Made in United Kingdom