Wild Country Nitro Techwire Quickdraw


Wild Country Nitro Techwire Quickdraw

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The full-sized, but very light, wire gate biners won't catch on bolts or slings, making them excellent for desperate clips on hard redpoints.

  • Nitro biners replace the Helium. I-beam, ribbed construction is strong and lightweight.
  • Biner shape and narrow neck (best used with thin-gauge slings) keep the sling close to the spine.
  • Notch-free noses won't catch, hooded to prevent them from opening when rubbing against the rock.
  • Wire gates are flat against the clipping surface, not turned. This resists gate flutter, and slightly increases the gate opening.

Tech specs

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Gate type Wire
Material Aluminum alloy
Sling material Dyneema
Strength closed 23kN
Strength cross-loaded 7kN
Strength open 9kN
Gate opening 2.7cm
Sling length 10cm
Sling width 10mm
Snag-free nose No
CE certified Yes
Made in China