SolarFocus SolarDuo Solar Charger



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Keep your cellphone, Bluetooth toys, iPod®, PDA, MP3 player, GPS, etc. juiced up while you’re off the grid. The twin solar panels open to about the size of an open paperback when unfolded, so they can easily be tied to a backpack or bike panniers for charging while you’re underway.

These panels (triple junction amorphous silicon) capture a broad solar spectrum, making them remarkably shade-tolerant. Still, in Canada's climate, they should be aligned directly at the sun whenever possible for best results.

  • Twin solar panel package in protective fabric case. Panels are glass-free polymer films applied to a flexible stainless steel substrate.
  • Panels without the power bank weigh 105g.
  • Power bank size is 100 x 48 x 19mm.
  • Includes two AA 1.2-volt 2000mA NiMH batteries that can be removed and used in all kinds of portable electonics.
  • Includes USB cable, so you can charge from your computer, and 10 mobile connectors.
  • Phone adaptors include two each for Nokia, Motorola, SOE, Samsung, and LG phones.
  • Solar power is 1.68-Watt maximum.
  • Solar output is 4-volt, 420mA maximum.
  • Power bank output voltage is 5 or 6-volt (boost).