Integral Designs Ski Guides Tarp



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A light, compact, shelter that can be assembled quickly. Circular, semi-yurt shape fits four to six skiers for lunch out of the weather or to wait out short storms. Shovel a hole, two feet deep by three feet wide, plop a ski in the middle as a centre pole, and sit on the edge with your feet in the pit, pull the tarp over everyone’s heads, then sit on the hold-down ribbons. Presto, you're out of the weather and sharing body heat.

  • Made of light, easily packed, silicone-coated nylon.
  • Two vents allow air circulation.
  • Covers an area of 1.9sq. m.
  • 1.5m in diameter x 76cm high.
  • Packed size is 7.6 x 15cm.
  • Silcoat stuff sack included.