Backpacker's Pantry Pad See You with Chicken


Backpacker's Pantry Pad See You with Chicken

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Traditional Thai noodle dish with soy sauce, broccoli, garlic and chicken.

  • Serves 2.
  • Directions: Remove oil packet, add boiling water to submerge the noodles, seal, and let sit for 13 minutes. Stir in the contents of the oil packet and serve.
  • Contains soybeans, and may contain traces of peanuts and tree nuts.
  • Ingredients: rice noodle (rice flour and water), sauce (tamari soy sauce (soybeans, salt), maltodextrin, salt), maltodextrin and salt), sugar, garlic, corn starch, pepper), chicken (cooked, diced and freeze-dried), broccoli, organic extra virgin olive oil.

Tech specs

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Weight 187g
Ideal for
  • Backpacking
  • Winter and expedition camping
Servings 2
Calories per serving 370Cal
Carbohydrates 63g
Sugar 8g
Sodium 1290mg
Protein 12g
Dietary fibre 4g
Total fat 7g
Cholesterol 15mg
Saturated fat 1g
Cook in package

The food can be cooked simply by adding hot water into the sealable package.

Gluten free

Made with gluten-free ingredients, but not necessarily in a guaranteed gluten-free environment.

Dairy free Yes

Does not countain animal products but may contain dairy or egg products.

Nut free

This product is nut free and is produced in a nut free environment.

Soy free No

This product does not contain animal products or by-products.

Made in USA