MEC Child Trailer Stroller Kit - Double (2009+)



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Some days it’s more about the sauntering than the cycling. For those days, this kit converts your MEC Child Double Trailer into a stroller. It includes a front centre wheel that attaches to a bracket on the front bumper, and a foam-coated handle that attaches to the top rear of the trailer frame.

  • For 2009 models of the MEC Child Double Trailer. Not compatible with earlier models or the single trailer.
  • Stroller front wheel swivels for tight turns.
  • Stroller wheel is also available seperately, so if you already have the Jogging Kit, this prevents having 2 handlebars.
  • Note: The stroller wheel should never be attached to the trailer when using the trailer in bike mode. Failure of the stroller wheel and damage to the bumper bracket may occur; also, the bike and trailer could jacknife causing injury or death.