Garmin eTrex Vista H



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This accurate and affordable GPS has a full complement of standard features, plus a couple of significant extras. The full electronic compass provides bearings even when you’re standing still (or in the unlikely event you’re somewhere you can’t receive satellite signals). The altimeter allows you to use contour intervals as Lines of Position independent of satellites too. It also doubles as a barometer for weather forecasting.

  • High-sensitivity receiver.
  • WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) capability providesup to 3 metre accuracy in North America and eventually throughout the world (typical non-WAAS GPS accuracy is 15 metres).
  • Splashproof.
  • Built-in memory for adding additional maps from MapSource® maps.
  • Works for geocaching or outdoor GPS games.
  • Hunt/fish calendar, and sun and moon information.
  • Batteries not included.