Eton Microlink FR160 AM/FM/WB Windup Radio 5020-823

Eton Microlink FR160 AM/FM/WB Windup Radio



Show Description

In many provinces, it just wouldn't be a real Canadian winter if the power didn’t go off at least once. When that happens, reach for your toque, your down vest, and this radio-flashlight. It stores power in its NiMH battery, which can be charged by the built-in solar cells or the hand crank. It gives you access to AM, FM, and weather channels. Plus, if you've got a USB charger for your cellphone, you can plug it into the USB port to recharge it.

  • Receives AM (520-1710 KHz), FM (87-108MHz), and all seven NOAA weatherbands.
  • Built-in three LED light source.
  • Powered by solar or dynamo, both of which charge internal NiMH battery
  • USB cellphone charger (USB cable not included).
  • 3.5mm headphone output.
  • Dimensions are 133 x 63.5 x 44.5mm (W x H x D).