DMM HB Brass Offset Nuts


DMM HB Brass Offset Nuts

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To boldly go where no other nut will fit, these work in flaring cracks and seams and assorted challenging placements. For hard-to-protect aid routes or difficult free climbs.

  • Cast from silicon bronze with stainless steel wires.
  • Every unit is proof-loaded to 75% of its rated strength.
  • Colour-coded alloy swaged help with size selection.
  • Swage holds the wires parallel, but allows one to slide, so the nut loads more evenly on both sides, making the placement more secure.

Tech specs

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  • 5g (0)
  • 7g (1)
  • 9g (2)
  • 10g (3)
  • 14g (4)
  • 17g (5)
  • 24g (6)
Ideal for Trad and aid climbing
Head Brass
Stem Double stainless steel

The maximum force generated by a fall the equipment can withstand. The range includes all sizes.

  • 2kN (0)
  • 4kN (1)
  • 5kN (2)
  • 5kN (3)
  • 7kN (4)
  • 7kN (5)
  • 10kN (6)
Range 3.7-13.9mm
Three sigma tested Yes
CE certified Yes
Made in United Kingdom