Pieps DSP Beacon



Show Description

If you’re looking for professional-level features and capabilities, check out the DSP. It combines three antennas with the latest digital search technology to accurately pinpoint single or multiple avalanche burials. Once a first signal is found, the location can be marked while the search continues for the next strongest signal.

  • Smart transmitter is Pieps iProbe compatible, temporarily deactivating its own signal to locate the next strongest signal.
  • Receives signals from Pieps TX600 Transmitters. They broadcast off the standard beacon frequency, and is used for locating rescue dogs, pets, packs, or equipment.
  • Built-in fourth antenna allows full self-check during power-on, including transmitting frequency, receiving antennas, amplifiers, and processors.
  • Mark and scan function as additional support in multiple burial scenarios.
  • Waterproof earphone jack doubles as a USB 2.0 port for software upgrades.
  • Transmits for over 200 hours.